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Pen names: E. L. Neve & Dew Pellucid


Author & Audio Book Reader, Producer

Tal Boldo is a self-published award-winning novelist and audio book reader and producer. She likes to write under pseudonyms that relate to her stories. Her teen fantasy, The Crystilleries of Echoland, was published under Dew Pellucid (Tal being the Hebrew word for Dew, and Dew being an Echo's name). The novel has won 5 wards since its publication in march, 2018. Her adult love story, Looking Glass Friends, was published under E. L. Neve (an anagram of 11, or a symbol of two individuals standing side-by-side). The novel won 11 awards. Tal recorded and produced the audio book herself.

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Looking Glass Friends
Cerebral Love Story, by E. L. Neve 

The Crystilleries of 

Young Adult High Fantasy, by Dew Pellucid

With 82 Illustrations




~ 2018 Great Northwest Book Festival WINNER
~ 2018 Hollywood Book Festival WINNER

~ 2018 Beach Book Festival WINNER
~ 2017 New York Book Festival WINNER 
~ 2017 Los Angeles Book Festival WINNER
~ 2017 London Book Festival Runner-up 
~ 2017 Pacific Book Awards Finalist 
~ 2017 BookVana Award Finalist
~ 2017 Readers’ Favorite Finalist
~ 2018 Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention
~ 2018 San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
~ 2017 New England Book Festival Honorable Mention
~ 2017 Florida Book Festival Honorable Mention
~ 2017 Southern California Book Festival Honorable Mention
~ 2017 Great Midwest Book Festival Honorable Mention

Woven with poetry and philosophy, this is the tale of two people who fell in love over email, discussing Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged. Both were married already, and she had a five-year-old son. But in the span of a few letters each discovered his soul's mirror-image. So how could they live apart?

"A true gem in the contemporary world of love stories" ~ Author, Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

"E.L. Neve will toy with your emotions until the last page of this brilliant novel." ~ D. Zape for Reader's Favorite



~ 2018 Pacific Book Awards WINNER ~

~ 2018 Purple Dragonfly Middle Grade Runner-up ~

~ 2018 Royal Dragonfly Honorable Mention ~ 

~ 2017 Los Angeles Book Festival Runner-up ~

~ 2018 Readers' Favorite 4th place (HM) ~ 

~ 2018 Purple Dragonfly YA Honorable Mention ~

~ 2018 New York Book Festival Honorable Mention ~

~ 2017 San Francisco Book Festival Honroable Mention ~ 

In a see-through land, our reflections live. They call us Sounds. They are our Echoes. And they think that they must die when we do.

Is this why children are disappearing from the Sound realm? Because someone wants their Echo to die? Twelve-year-old Will Cleary tries to escape the frightening answer.

But dangers sweep him into that magical, see-through land. And there, in a fortress filled with castaway children, a two-hundred-year-old riddle lies buried. The most important boy in Echoland will help Will solve it, with a handful of other kids. For the fate of Echoland, and of the Sound realm, depends on the answer.

An answer hidden in an ancient book… Deep in a frozen lake of gems… Beyond a buried door… At the foot of the greatest Crystillery of all.

But many men and monsters, crystal balls and spying eyes, will try to stop the brave teens. For how see-through your skin is is all-important in Echoland. And when this ancient hate will end, the realm of the Echoes will change forever.

"In this middle-grade fantasy novel, a young hero must ally with his alter ego in an intricate parallel universe in order to rescue his sister and save his own life... A gripping, if sometimes dark and perplexing, fantasy coming-of-age novel." --Kirkus Reviews.   


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